Terms & Conditions

London Shenley Club & The Shenley Cricket Centre
Sponsorship; Functions, Events and Ground Hire Terms of Business

In order to avoid any misunderstanding in respect of your booking, the following Terms of Business apply to all bookings relating to functions, events and ground hire at Shenley. We’ve tried to make our terms of business as straightforward as possible, if however; you have any questions, please feel free to speak to one of us or an independent advisor before you sign them.

“Shenley” refers to Shenley Cricket Centre and “You” and “Your” refers to the person (who must be 18 years or older) or organisation (which must be lawfully registered) making the booking.

1. Cricket. When you book a function, event or hire the grounds at Shenley you are sponsoring Cricket; supporting the promotion of and participation in the game of Cricket. Proceeds from your function, event and/or ground hire go towards the up‐keep of the grounds and the maintenance and the running of the pavilion and its ancillary services. We are fully functioning cricket centre; thus, cricket can occur on any day of the week, there is always cricket on Saturdays from beginning of April till mid-September, the cricket could be called off on the day due to heavy rain. The cricketers have been with us for many years and know they are not allowed to interfere with your event, they are not allowed in the Marquee, on the patio and veranda, or in the Compton Room, they also have their own bar upstairs to avoid interference with your guests. In other words, they are only a background to you. If you require more space on the grounds for games, etc. or you don’t want any cricket on the ground you can hire the exclusivity of the main ground for £500 (subject to requirements) or to make sure there is no cricket on the day at all £800 for both grounds. However, you cannot hire exclusivity of the grounds on Saturdays.

2. Booking & Enquiry Confirmation. You may choose a date for a period of 7 days, however any booking is considered provisional until Shenley receives a signed copy of these terms from you along with the appropriate deposit, receipt of which will be deemed to be your agreement of these terms. Your option will lapse after 7 days and the facilities will be remarketed if both the terms of business and deposit have not been received by Shenley.

3. Payment. You’ll need to pay a non‐refundable deposit of £1000 or an amount equivalent to the total hire fee if it is less than £1000 when you confirm your booking. Six months prior to your wedding we require a 50% non-refundable instalment. The remainder of the full outstanding contract balance is then payable 30 days prior to your event date. Prior to your event taking place, a credit/debit card authorisation will be requested and charged in the event of monies owed, during and after your event. We accept debit and credit cards at no extra fee. Unfortunately, credit is not available to private individuals. Shenley reserves the right to charge interest at 2% above the Bank of rate if you do not settle your invoice within the agreed term times. Refunds can be granted for guest drop outs up to two weeks before the event due to food and drinks ordered after that.

4. Minimum Spend. During the months of June – September on Friday and Saturday dates a minimum spend of £4500 (including VAT) applies to bookings. This cannot include the venue hire fee or bar tabs but can include the wedding package and any other food or drink costs.

5. Guest Numbers. The venue has accepted your booking based on the estimate of numbers given at the time of the booking.

  1. To allow us to plan your event properly you will need to provide us with final guest or event numbers at least 30 days prior to the event. The final charge payable of all per head costs will be based on this number or the actual number attending, whichever is the greater and provided that the minimum numbers has been exceeded.
  2. If your numbers go down, cancellation charges will be applied to all per head costs. However, if you give us more than 30 days notice, you can reduce your numbers by up to 20% without charge.
  3. Unless you have a written agreement in place at the time of your booking, if you provide less than 30 days notice, the contracted numbers will be charged in full.

6. Price Guarantee. As part of our commitment to making sure that you know exactly what you will pay, we guarantee that the prices agreed with you at the time of your booking will not increase for a period of 18 months. This guarantee excludes government imposed duty increases or changes to the rate of VAT.

7. What happens if I cancel? No one wants to have to cancel however sometimes circumstances are beyond our control. Although we will do everything within our ability to help you, in the unfortunate event that you need to cancel, there needs to be an agreed ‘Cancellation Policy’. Here’s how ours works: In the event of a reservation having been confirmed in writing and then cancelled the following cancellation charges will be employed by Shenley and you will be required to pay in accordance with the following table for function room hire, food, special equipment and appropriate loss of revenue.

  • Cancellations received up-to 18 months £1000
  • Cancellations received 12 months £1000 or 25% whichever is the higher
  • Cancellations received 6 months 50% of the total price and the instalments paid will be forfeited
  • Cancellations received 1 month 100%

With regards to wedding ceremonies at Shenley, you must liaise with the District Registrar directly yourself. No liability can be accepted, however so caused, if you have to cancel your function, event and/or ground hire booking. Cancellation must always be received in writing.

8. Cancellation by us because of events beyond our control? Shenley must receive payment in full of the total booking value by the due date otherwise your booking will be automatically cancelled and your non‐refundable deposit will be retained. In the unlikely event that Shenley has to cancel your event or function booking for reasons other than non‐payment, you’ll receive back all deposits paid and any pre‐payments that you may have made, although Shenley will not have any other liability. However, apart from non‐payment, Shenley may only cancel your function or event if: Shenley or any part of Shenley is closed or becomes unavailable due to events beyond our control; If you, or we become insolvent; or in the case of an individual, become subject to a bankruptcy petition; The booking, the persons associated with the booking and/or the purpose of the event might damage the reputation of Shenley or its parent company.

9. Date Change. If due to unforeseen circumstances you need to change your event date at our venue, we are very happy to make this happen, depending on availability for a new booking. However, there are conditions that follow this change. If you provide Shenley with less than one years’ notice, your original deposit value will be lost unless the date is re-sold six months prior to the date. To secure your new date a new deposit will have to be paid immediately as well as, a £50 admin fee. If a booking is taken for your original date your original deposit payment will be retained and deducted from your current wedding balance.

10. DJ, Bands & Disco In the Summer the DJ has to play in the designated sound-proof disco area in the Summer Marquee. (85 Decibels). No live music is allowed in our marquees or in the summer disco area whatsoever. For example, singers, keyboards, bands, steel bands, etc. are not allowed to perform in the disco area or in any other parts of the Marquee or outdoors. Bands or other live performers must play in the Compton Room under the condition that they do not exceed 95 decibels and the main doors of the Long Room (leading to the patio are closed), the side doors on the room will be open for access. We require a copy of the Public Liability Insurance worth at least £1,000,000 of all outside musicians performing at our premises, if they fail to provide us with these documents they won’t be allowed to perform at our venue. Your DJ will need to bring their own XLR LEADS and ALL EQUIPMENT needed in order to play at the venue. If for some reason the DJ refuses to comply to the 85 decibels limit the staff monitoring the event may cut power supplying the Disco area until order is resolved. Doing this may cause damage to the DJ equipment and is at the DJs own risk. Shenley will enforce the 85 decibel limit set by the Council. Background level music can be played in the main marquee. If any queries on our decibel limiter and connections, please contact Shenley. We recommend our in-house professional DJ to avoid hassle and disappointment. Please ignore this section if your event is during the winter season (October – April).

11. What about the use of the pitches and facilities? Shenley reserves all rights to stop, or not start, the use of the grounds, pitches, halls, marquees and all other facilities without prior notice should it become dangerous or perilous to use the grounds and/or facilities or if it is deemed by Shenley Management that the use of the pitches, grounds and/or facilities would cause significant damage. In circumstances that are beyond our control, Shenley cannot accept any liability. In the event where games are not started due to adverse weather conditions and risk of injury, where food has been pre-ordered, if within 48hrs, all food confirmed will be charged for.

12. Etiquette and Conduct. For the comfort and safety of all our customers, employees and neighbours it is important that all members of your party and all of your third party suppliers maintain acceptable levels of behaviour and noise inside and outside at Shenley. In the unlikely event that you are requested to do so by Shenley Management, you must take necessary steps to ensure that members of your party and/or your third party suppliers adhere to this. In the event of your failure to comply with this request, Shenley Management may take whatever steps it feels necessary to control such levels of behaviour from lowering noise levels or turning sound off completely and stopping alcohol service and ultimately Shenley reserves the right to stop an event, without being liable for refund or compensation. With regards to noise levels, the executive summer marquee has been granted a music licence to the level of 85 decibels, enough for a DJ & disco, however any live or amplified music must take place inside the Clubhouse, where the noise level is 95 decibels. Shenley also reserves the right to deploy security supervisors should it feel necessary and may include this as a chargeable cost for a function, event and/or ground hire. Under no circumstances should any child under the age of 16 be left unaccompanied in any part of the grounds or Buildings at Shenley at any time.

13. I’ve got lots of things to bring to Shenley. We can provide most equipment, however, should you wish to bring your own equipment to Shenley, you must ensure that it has been tested and safe to use. If you or your guests want to leave personal effects or any equipment at Shenley, Shenley cannot accept responsibility for its safekeeping. Shenley accepts no liability for any equipment you bring to Shenley, and we ask you to comply with the rules set out in the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. For any third party contractors visiting Shenley under your instruction (such as bands, DJs, entertainers and caterers), you must ensure current and adequate ‘Public Liability Insurance’ is in place. Copies of electrical testing certificates, food hygiene certificates, risk assessments and their insurance policies must be made available at the time that final details are confirmed. Please note your hire period is from 09.00-00.00 on the day of your event. All equipment, decoration & catering hire must also arrive and be collected within these times. If prior arrangement has not been agreed for such items to be delivered/collected outside of these times, Shenley have the right to refuse acceptance and may charge for late collection.

14. Terms of use on a ‘Dry Hire’ agreement. We allow outside caterers only under certain conditions. If your circumstances meet our requirements, a £250 cash security bond is required to hold through the duration of your event and is refundable 24hrs after your event on authorisation of the General Manager. Your venue hire charge covers the following: Use of the designated areas contracted when booking, tables and chairs (uncovered), and two members of staff as facilities manager. Please note, all crockery, cutlery, linen and all other catering equipment are not provided by Shenley. In the event of the kitchen being used by your caterers, the kitchen is expected to be returned in the condition it was found, clean & tidy and all rubbish removed from the premises. Should this not be respected a portion of your bond will be retained. For the non-removal of rubbish, a flat fee of £100.00 will be charged. Should any damage occur to Shenley or Shenley property during the event, then you will be liable for the full cost of the damages and any associated damage costs. Further details can be found on the ‘Dry Hire terms and conditions’. During the event, you, the client are responsible for all health and safety of any guests or staff at the premises.

15. Bar tabs, corkage and bar facilities. Shenley does not allow the practice of consumption of alcohol or food not purchased from Shenley unless agreed by Shenley in writing prior to or at the time the booking is confirmed. All corkage charges must be paid in full no later than 30 days prior the function or event taking place. Any bar tabs and bar facilities must be agreed in writing prior to the event and bar tabs must be settled 30 days prior to the function or event taking place. If your guests bring in alcohol, our staff will confiscate it, if they do not comply, they will be asked to leave the premises. (Please ignore this point if on a Dry Hire basis). Our licenses are the following: music is off and the bar shuts at 24:00 midnight on Fridays and Saturdays; at 23:30 on Sundays; and at 23:00 on midweek days.

16. Anything else? Just a couple of points: (i) For all events Shenley requires a minimum bond of £250 against the cost of possible damage to Shenley or Shenley property, which could occur during the course of the event, or for expiring your agreed hire time. Please note after the agreed finish time on your contract, if the building is not clear of your party, £50 will be charged per every half hour, that your guests are occupying the building. Should any damage occur to Shenley, Shenley property or equipment hired in, during the event, caused by you the client or your guests then you will be liable for the full cost of the damages and any associated damage costs. Should damages/extension time, amount to less than the value of the bond, the appropriate part thereof, will be retained by Shenley on account of the cost of such damages/additional hire time. (ii) In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with any aspect of your event, this should be brought to the attention of Shenley at the time so that the matter can be resolved as quickly as possible.

17. What about event insurance? You may well consider it worthwhile arranging insurance. This can usually be done for a small premium, to cover the cost of cancellation and other liabilities. Please bear in mind that your insurance contract will be between the insurance company involved and yourselves. We do not recommend an insurance provider.

18. Food allergies. Any dietary requirements, food allergies and/or catering requirements and menu choices must be advised to us at the time of booking or prior to the booking of the event. We are able to work with most requirements however we cannot guarantee adherence and cannot accept responsibility for non‐adherence.

19. Promotional rights. You are granted the rights to take photos and videos in and around the venue and grounds and of the staff for the purpose of positively recording and remembering your event. We reserve the right to take and use photos and videos of you and your event and your guests for the purposes of the promotion of the venue and grounds and for the promotion of cricket. All broadcasting and distribution rights and any rights of a similar nature of any images of Shenley or its staff are reserved. Any waiver or transfer of such rights must be agreed in writing prior to the booking.

20. Menu. Shenley reserve the right to change elements of your food offering with a suitable alternative if items are unavailable or health and safety advised against certain cooking practices.

21. Damage. Shenley will not accept any responsibility for damage caused to vehicles/property or any externally hired items whilst at Shenley Cricket Centre, caused by guests, suppliers or clients.

22. Contract. This contract is governed by English Law and her courts. Your event or function is specific to you and is not transferable or assignable to someone else. Your Event Schedule sets out how your event will run but because of its level of detail and changeable nature it does not form part of these terms of business. If you require a specific point to be confirmed, added or edited and to then form part of these terms, this must be advised in writing by you to Shenley prior to your booking and you must receive this confirmation in writing from Shenley before you book your event.